Automobile Mechanic Repair

If you’ve ever wondered what the inside of your door looks like. Here’s a close up of the intrusion beams that protect you! Stay safe everyone!

Baltimore, MD Body Shop

Body Shop is cranking them out! Give us a call for Auto Body Or Mechanical Needs.410 252 1468

New Roof

Getting her ready for a new roof! 410-252-1468 Give us a call 🙂

Auto Body Shop

Bodyshop is still blessed with some work through this pandemic. Thank you for your trust and loyalty through these crazy times! Stay Safe and give us a call for any

We are here for you

Carty’s is still open for business and staying blessed with work. If you need any Mechanical or Auto Body Work give us a call!410 252 1468 As a Reminder for

Safety is our priority

Good Morning! We wanted to post a quick message to say that with everything that’s going on, we are here to help. We are open and continuing to service vehicles.