Meet the Team

Leo “Carty” Hofmeister

In Memory of: Leo “Carty” Hofmeister – Our Founder

Carty, affectionately known as “Pop”, retired in 1991. He used to be found around the shop on a daily basis, whether he would be driving around on his golf cart, mowing the grass, tinkering with one of his projects or visiting with some of our long-standing customers.

Donna Conway Owner/Manager

Donna started doing her father’s bookkeeping at night while she was still in high school. She joined her brother Ted, working at Carty’s full time in 1973. Since that time she has taken over as the primary administrator, overseeing all aspects of the management of the business.

Aaron Hofmeister Auto Repair Technician

Aaron is Ted’s son and a third generation Hofmeister here at Carty’s. He has worked side by side with his father since 1991, bringing his expertise to servicing your automobile.

Linda Brace Office Manager/Bookkeeper

Linda joined our team in 2012. She works with Donna to keep things running smoothly in the office. She does everything from answering phone calls and scheduling customers to accounting and bookkeeping.

Curt – Body Shop Manager

Ted Hofmeister Owner/Auto Repair Technician

Carty’s son, Ted has been working here since 1963. He is directly involved in overseeing the daily operations of the mechanical shop.

Steve Finkelstein Auto Repair Technician

Steve joined our team in 2006. He is a highly skilled repair technician with over 12 years mechanical experience.

Will Mann Assistant to Body Shop Manager

Roy Stickles Auto Repair Technician

Richard Fields Body Shop Technician

Richard are the technicians that keep our collision repair operation running smoothly. They are I-CAR certified experts who specialize in restoring your vehicle to its pre-accident condition.

Chip Cross Body Shop Technician

Dave Feit – Body Shop Technician

Nick Schenning – Refinishing Technician

Gizmo Customer Service Representative

Faithfully greeting customers.

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